IRLP Repeater Project

Extending the usefulness of IRLP


This is where all the files that make IRLP and the IRLP Repeater Project so cool can be found. Many of they files can also be found on the various IRLP sites, but are included here so you don't have to "run 'round Robin Hood's barn" trying to locate them.

The main files that are used to make the IRLP Repeater Project possible are contained in the tarball irlp-controller-xxx.tgz. This file contains the source and Makefile for turning your IRLP node into a basic repeater. These files serve to get you started in turning your IRLP node into a full-featured repeater. Just as IRLP can be extended, the IRLP Repeater Project can become a very full featured repeater system.

All the cool scripts that provide additional functions to IRLP are used by the IRLP Repeater as well. Yes, you can use the Time announcements, Wx Report announcemnets, PlayNews, record special announcements, schedule special events, etc.

Like IRLP, the IRLP Repeater Project is only limited by your imagination and programming skills. If your skills are laking, then perhaps others can come up with a solution, just as in IRLP.

Filename Description


This tarball contains the source code that is used to create the basic repeater control functions. The files provide the functionality for generating the hangtime and identifier.


This tarball contain files that have been updated/modified by Michael J. Hartwick, VE3SLQ. I have not yet verified that they are functional but are being provided here for archival purposes.








September 24, 2004 This is a very complete IRLP based repeater controller submitted by Adi Linden. I have applied the irlpdev patches so that is it compatible with versions of IRLP that use the legacy /dev/irlp-port or the new /dev/parportn in the newer Fedora and other releases.

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